Routine and Advance Surgical Care

Pet Surgical Care

At NorthCare Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and compassionate surgical care for your beloved pets. Our highly skilled veterinary surgeons are experienced in a wide range of routine and advanced surgical procedures, ensuring that your furry friends receive the highest standard of care.

  1. Spay and Neuter: We offer safe and effective spaying and neutering procedures for dogs and cats. These surgeries provide numerous health benefits for your pet, including the prevention of certain types of cancer and behavioral issues.
  2. Skin and Abscess Repair: Our team is proficient in addressing various skin conditions and abscesses. Whether your pet requires wound closure, removal of skin growths, or treatment for abscesses, we employ advanced techniques to promote healing and prevent infection.
  1. Orthopedic Surgeries: Our skilled veterinarians perform a range of orthopedic procedures, including fracture repairs, ligament repairs (such as cruciate ligament repairs), joint surgeries, and limb deformity corrections. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques to restore mobility and improve your pet’s quality of life.
  2. Soft Tissue Surgeries: From tumor removals to gastrointestinal surgeries, our veterinary surgeons are experienced in a wide array of soft tissue procedures. We address conditions such as organ removals, bladder stone removals, and intestinal surgeries, all while prioritizing your pet’s safety and comfort.
  3. Growth Removal and Biopsy: If your pet has a suspicious lump or growth, our surgical team can perform a safe and thorough removal. We also provide tissue biopsies to accurately diagnose any underlying conditions and guide further treatment.
  4. Limited Eye Surgeries: Our expertise extends to certain eye surgeries, including cherry eye correction (prolapsed gland of the third eyelid), entropion (inward rolling of the eyelids), and ectropion (outward rolling of the eyelids). These procedures help improve your pet’s eye health and prevent discomfort.

At NorthCare Animal Hospital, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your pet during every surgical procedure. Our team utilizes top-notch anesthesia equipment and closely monitors your pet’s vital signs throughout the surgical process. We employ advanced monitoring techniques, including ECG, blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, and temperature control, to ensure optimal anesthesia management. Post-Surgical Care: After surgery, we provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions to ensure your pet recovers comfortably and promptly.

Our team will guide you through the necessary steps for wound care, pain management, and any specific post-operative requirements. When it comes to surgical procedures for your beloved companion, NorthCare Animal Hospital is your trusted partner. Our skilled veterinary surgeons, combined with our commitment to utilizing advanced techniques and equipment, ensure that your pet receives the highest quality of surgical care in a compassionate environment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pet’s surgical needs. Together, we can provide the best care for your furry family member.