Veterinary Assistant

Mariana brings a diverse background and passion for animals to our team at the vet hospital.
Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Mariana began her journey in animal care at a vet clinic in Villa de Leyva. Colombia’s rich biodiversity has always captivated Mariana, inspiring her to pursue a career dedicated to the welfare of its wildlife.

Beyond her dedication to veterinary medicine, Mariana has a rich history in sports, having excelled in tennis at a high level, achieving numerous triumphs across her country. With four beloved dogs awaiting her back home, Mariana’s love for animals extends beyond the clinic walls. She harbors a particular affection for Percheron horses, dreaming of the day she can purchase one and provide it a home on her land in Villa de Leyva. As she continues her journey to become a veterinary technician, Mariana’s commitment to the well-being of animals remains unwavering, driven by her deep-rooted connection to Colombia’s diverse wildlife and her beloved companions.