Veterinary Assistant

Kaligua, a Montreal native, relocated to Vancouver with a fervent passion for animal well-being and a commitment to pursuing a degree in Applied Animal Biology at the esteemed University of British Columbia. Their aspiration is to contribute significantly to animal conservation upon completing their studies.

Having been immersed in the company of animals throughout their life, Kaligua’s connection with these furry companions runs deep. From indulging in the care of foster animals within their family, to pet-sitting for neighbors, and cherishing their own animal companions, Kaligua’s heart has always been dedicated to the well-being of animals.

Joining the pet clinic marks a significant chapter in Kaligua’s journey, being their second stint at an animal hospital. They express genuine delight at the prospect of continuing their dedication to animal care and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Under the mentorship of Dr. Ali and Dr. Farhang, Kaligua is excited to nurture their devotion to furry companions.

In the company of their faithful orange tabby, Yuzu, who made the journey with them from Montreal, Kaligua’s home is filled with warmth and companionship. Additionally, they share their life with Aurora, an energetic lab/husky mix hailing from northern Quebec, who resides with their parents in Montreal. Kaligua’s life is intricately woven with the love and care of these beloved animal companions.