Dr. Mohammad (Farhang) Farhadiniaki

Internal medicine and surgery

Dr. Mohammad (Farhang) Farhadiniaki is a compassionate and dedicated veterinarian with a vision to create a hospital that provides exceptional and high-quality healthcare for pets and their owners.His love for helping both people and animals has been a driving force throughout his career.
Dr. Farhadiniaki’s journey began with his enrollment at Azad Garmsar Veterinary University in Iran. He pursued his studies with great passion and graduated with a veterinary degree in 1999.

Recognizing the importance of staying updated with the latest advancements in his field, Dr. Farhadiniaki actively seeks opportunities for continued learning. His genuine compassion for animals and his dedication to their well-being are evident in his approach to veterinary medicine. He strives to deliver not only excellent medical care but also a compassionate and caring experience for both pets and their owners. He understands the emotional bond between people and their animal companions and aims to support and guide pet owners through every step of their pets’ healthcare journeys.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Farhadiniaki envisions a hospital that not only provides advanced medical treatments but also fosters a warm and welcoming environment for both pets and their owners. He believes in the power of a collaborative approach, working closely with his clients to develop personalized treatment plans that meet their pets’ specific needs.

Dr. Mohammad (Farhang) Farhadiniaki is a remarkable veterinarian who combines his passion for helping people and animals with his commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Through his dedication, he aspires to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners by providing compassionate, caring, and high-quality healthcare services.