Veterinary Assistant

A vet assistant and psychology student whose life revolves around animals, psychology, and the natural world. Raised on a farm in Manitoba, Kyra developed a deep-seated love for animals early on, fostering a natural passion for their care and well-being.

Currently pursuing counselling psychology , Kyra is fascinated by the intricate behaviors and emotions of both humans and animals, which enhances her approach to veterinary care. As a vet assistant, she finds fulfillment in providing compassionate support to animals and their owners, ensuring their health and happiness with empathy and expertise.


Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Kyra leads an active lifestyle rooted in her love for fitness and the outdoors. Whether she’s exploring hiking trails, discovering new nature spots, or engaging in various fitness activities, she finds joy in staying connected to nature and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kyra’s life is a harmonious blend of her love for animals, her dedication to psychology, and her deep connection to the natural world, shaping her into a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate for animal welfare and holistic care.